Carl Jung- Psychotherapy

Carl Jung- Psychotherapy

By: Katelynn Saunders

Carl Jung and how he founded the study of Psychotherapy or the process of individuation which is used in Therapy today. A few important mile stones in Carl Jung’s life were completing his medical degree in psychiatry, and in 1907 becoming friends with Sigmund Freud. For several years they would be friends and Carl Jung would work alongside Sigmund Freud, until Carl Jung decided to go on his own. He quit his job at the Burgholzli a renowned psychiatric hospital in Zurich and all positions he held in the psychoanalytical movement.

Carl Jung devoted himself to studying his own unconscious mind by isolating himself. Later Carl Jung wrote a book called “Psychology and Alchemy” which is about the individuation and his own relationships to mediaeval alchemy by analyzing patient’s dreams. Carl Jung also founded a school of thought where there would be many students attending and studying many subjects. The information found here and to find more information about Carl Jung can be found at Carl Jung achieved many things such as becoming the first president of the International Association of Psychoanalysis, becoming the editor of Jahrbuch and becoming the theorist of Psychotherapy.

 Psychotherapy focuses on what you want to change in your life and setting up goals that will help you to accomplish your overall goal to change. These goals are like stepping stones that help you reach your main goal. Psychotherapy is great for individuals who strongly want to change something in their life or about themselves. 


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