Mental Health Disorders In History

By: Georgia Silva

The number of people with a mental health disorder is staggering. It used to be in as little as 30 years ago that mental illness was not discussed. The study and discussion of people that have a mental illness in America is growing at an alarming rate. Or is it? How can we truly know the number of people that had a mental health disorder 30 years ago?

Think of some of the famous people throughout history? How many can you now look at and think, maybe they had a mental illness? Some of the first people that come to my mind are Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and even Hitler. Charles Manson was given the name at birth by his mother as the child that has “no name Maddox.” It is reported that he was given away or sold for a bottle of alcohol, but then later retrieved by an uncle. Looking at his childhood, growing up, and the way that he lived in young adulthood, is it any wonder that he went off of the beaten mental health path?

Jim Jones is another known cult leader. He took his “family members,” to Africa where they were forced to commit suicide by drinking the “kool aid.” Looking into Jim Jones’ history you will find another firm path away from mental health. It is my belief in the study of Hitler that he too strayed from the mental health path. Hitler’s narcissistic tendencies are obvious signs of mental instability, without a large study into his past, and reign in Germany, it is easy to see in Hitler a mental health disorder.

Looking at the first people that you can come up with in history it is easy to find a pattern of mental health disorders, so maybe we had more mental instability than we thought, we just did not have a name for it.


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