Anger Management

By: Edress O. M. Banks

What is anger? What is anger management? In this paper I will touch bases on different elements of anger management. I will explain what anger is and how anger management works?

According to medical news today, anger is a natural emotion that every human and many non-human animals experience (2009). There are different forms of anger and how anger can come about. In some cases of anger there are mild forms like displeasure or dislike. Anger is a reaction to a feeling of threat or criticism and also can be a response such as feeling lonely or very sad. Anger is a part of human emotions and sometimes as humans we let that emotion get the best of us.

Anger management is a method to help a person to identify their issues and frustrations and work with them to explore their needs.  This process also helps an individual to identify what actually triggers the feeling and emotions, and it helps them to turn the issues around to work for them. According to medical news today, coping with anger is an acquired skill, which involves unlearning some of the bad behaviors that result from frustration.

In conclusion this paper explored anger and anger management is a brief explanation.  This paper explained what anger and the different forms are such as displeasure.  Anger management was briefly explored with the process and how to cope with everyday frustration to live a more productive life.


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