Pros and Cons of Group Therapy

By: Cecilia Villegas

There are many types of therapies that are available to whoever has a need. So of all the new technological and psychological research why go with group therapy? What are the benefits of talking about your own personal issues in front of complete strangers? For someone as introverted as myself, group therapy does not seem like the first thing I would jump to once I was ready to deal with my issue. Therefore, I did some research on the benefits I already knew existed and found out more than I was expecting.

The typical expectations of group therapy consist of 5 to 10 members who have similar issues and are at different stages in their battle or recovery. This is so that people don’t feel as judged because they are not the only one with this issue. Having other people to talk about their success encourages others to continue on in their recovery. It also validates the issues that the group has and lets them know that it is not something that has not cure and that it is accomplishable (Simmerman, 2007).

Also a benefit from group therapy is that one may be held accountable. Depending on the type of group you attend, you might have one partner who you share with every week and make goals and keep each other accountable or you may just share with your group. The reason this works is because when an individual is aware that he or she will have to admit to their behavior the next meeting, this helps the individual deter from their bad behavior (Simmerman, 2007).

The most talked about con for group therapy is the fact that you are in a group you are sharing your time and do not have any one on one counseling. Some people might not feel comfortable speaking about their intimate selves to a group of strangers. Also there might be activities in the group where an individual will not be comfortable participating in (Simmerman, 2007).

In conclusion, group therapy is a really good option. There are many benefits to talking with a group of individuals who have been where you are. Unfortunately you will not be getting any one on one therapy but group therapy has been proven to work.

*Simmerman, J. (2007). LifeScript. Retrieved from               py.aspx


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